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Thursday, 25 September 2014 20:24

Infinite Maintenance Solutions

William Davelaar, owner of Infinite Maintenance Solutions, has over 20 years of experience in the field of maintenance and repair. William's experience began in his teenage years when he would assist his father with small apartment maintenance. His skill of repairing and maintaining the up keep of apartment units followed him into his young adult life. He was good at what he did and it held a promising young adult future that led to being responsible for 200-400 multi-family apartment units.

The Davelaar family moved to the Valley in 2008. He worked for a business out of Vancouver, Washington that was based in Boise. He was known for his work and landed a great job in the development of The Regency at River Valley located next to The Village in Meridian. William traveled a lot for work and decided it was time to be closer to his family. He thought the best way to do that was to start his own business in the place he called home, Emmett.

He and his wife Michelle began Infinite Maintenance Solutions in 2014. His business is residential and preventative maintenance. They offer services such as painting, flooring, kitchen and bath remodels, decks, fencing, rental property maintenance, weatherization, and any "honey-do" repairs and projects. William's vision of business was just in rental maintenance until the word got out about his work. He has now got business not only in apartment rentals but also in houses of permanent residents. "We offer quality craftsmanship and quality service on time, every time," says Michelle and William. "We want to offer services to the local community that incorporate years of experience and great service at a reasonable rate for residents and businesses."

Infinite Maintenance Solutions is the first big business that Michelle and William Davelaar have had together. With business doing as well as it has been, the Davelaar team is one to be reckoned with. William does the physical aspect of the maintenance while Michelle maintains the business flow, Books, and HR. Business has picked up for this team so much that within months of being established, they have already hired employees to help with the work.

Infinite Maintenance Solutions offers seasonal preventative maintenance packages at a discounted rate and they also have referral incentive programs. Michelle and William are available Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with weekends and evenings by appointment. Call 863-1706 today and find out what Infinite Maintenance Solutions can do for you!


Thursday, 25 September 2014 19:53

Alex Kincaid Law

Alex Kincaid is a resident of Emmett who enjoys beekeeping and raising chickens. She is a former elected District Attorney and the founder of Alex Kincaid Law, an Idaho and Oregon based law firm with the unique specialty of firearm law. Alex has over 16 years' experience as a successful trial lawyer and strategic planner. The firm serves a conservative-minded clientele, including gun owners, veterans, farmers and ranchers, and business owners. Her motto is "We defend your right to defend yourself," which goes to the heart of everything they do.

Alex is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment and devotes time to drafting and supporting pro-gun legislation. She is referred to as Idaho's premier Second Amendment attorney and legislative advocate. Alex uses her knowledge of the criminal justice system and her skills acquired as an on-site homicide consultant to assist you in planning for and protecting your estate, assets, business, and firearms.

Her passion for firearms came early and from three important areas in her life. Alex was one of those lucky kids who was born and raised in a home where guns were "around". Her dad served in law enforcement for over 30 years and in those days, there were no trigger locks or fancy gun safes. Her and her siblings were taught responsibility because it was a matter of life or death. She learned to shoot when she was five and has enjoyed the sport ever since.

Working in the District Attorney's office was good but also became very harrowing for her. When she began prosecuting criminals, she began receiving threats. It was during this time of her life that she took self-defense seriously and obtained permission to carry a gun in the courthouse. She felt safer with her Walther PPK hidden under her suit jackets, and knowing she was an accurate shot.

Years after leaving the District Attorney's office, Alex was attacked in her home. She was physically attacked when she was completely unprepared to defend herself. This, while a traumatic part of her life, has really given her the passion to help others avoid this if at all possible. "I enjoy teaching both men and women about self-defense, but I especially enjoy empowering women to be prepared. We all need to be prepared and do it with training and knowledge."

Alex Kincaid Law has found a new home here in the Emmett Valley. You can visit her at 514 S. Washington Ave. or call her at 365-4411. She is happy to be here in Emmett and excited to be able to serve the people of the Valley.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 19:47

Strategic Mobili-Social Media Marketing

Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing (pronounced Strategic Mobilee) is a boutique digital marketing and advertising agency, providing Idaho businesses with social media marketing and mobile responsive marketing solutions. In addition, Strategic Mobili specializes event marketing and Facebook advertising.

Debbie Morris, Owner, launched Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing to the Boise region on September 10, 2012. After losing her job and 14 year career at Lewis-Clark State College in the summer of 2010, she decided it was time to brave the landscape of entrepreneurism. In the summer of 2011, she launched a business in Lewiston, Idaho, called Lewis Clark Night Out. It is a premier entertainment search engine featuring entertainment related businesses in central and north central Idaho. During that start-up, she realized the importance and necessity of social and digital marketing for her clients. One year later, she decided to move to Boise so she could be close to her youngest daughter, whom was going to graduate from Boise State University. Reflecting on the joy of starting Lewis Clark Night Out, she decided to continue on and launch a second business.

This business was a consulting firm in which her and her team assist businesses develop their own social media network and digital intellectual property. September 2012 brought the launch of Strategic Mobili and in December 2012 brought the sale of Lewis Clark Night Out.

Strategic Mobili experienced a tremendous 82 percent growth rate in sales the first year. Currently, there are plans in development for major expansions in 2015. Strategic Mobili's strengths and what sets them apart from other local services, are their team approach and focus on customer service. Where some pay a monthly fee for social media marketing to run on auto pilot, Strategic Mobili has a completely different approach. They connect with their clients and their businesses. They share their stories and brand to their target audience and the world. Live events can be promoted and shared, etc. Their mission statement is: "Live with a dignified, holistic approach to all people and business. Deliver Facebook Performance Marketing with above standard results and exceptional customer service."

Their primary focus is event marketing. Being leading edge and results driven, their results portfolio include such events as McCall's Winter Carnival, Salmon River Jet Boat Races, Emmett's Cherry Festival, and many more. They optimize your social network for brand and event awareness and to find your target market and customers, allowing organizers time to do what they do best! They promote your event, your sponsors and vendors to target consumers, and deliver bottom line results.

To learn more about Debbie Morris and Strategic Mobili – Social Media Marketing, please visit their website at strategicmobili.com or call 640-1331.


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